2013 Testimonies

Dear Isabelle,

I want to thank you, Dan and the rest of the team behind this event. It was excellent.

I attend many congresses and conferences on Railway communications around the world, and I rate this conference on GSM-R very highly. The agenda, content and demos were well chosen and totally relevant to the needs of both users and suppliers alike.

Thanks again and well done!

Best regards,

Global Solution Leader, Radio
Transportation Systems
Thales UK

Dear Isabelle,

Thank you for organising the conference. I really enjoyed it and we got a lot done. I also appreciate how much effort it takes to manage a conference with that many people.

Well Done!

Trevor Foulkes M.A., C.Eng., FIRSE, FIET | Head of Signalling & Telecommunications | HS2 Ltd

Dear Isabelle and Dan,

My warm congratulations for the very interesting event - so much that the timing was too optimistic !

Kind regards.

Michel Van Liefferinge
UNISIG General Manager

Isabelle and Dan,

Many thanks for the great event over the past two days. I really enjoyed it, learned plenty, and met interesting people.

Kind regards,

Lesley Brown - EURAILmag

Dear Dan, Isabelle,

This GSM-R conference was a big success – thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the presenters!

Kind regards,


Markus Myslivec
Frequentis AG

Isabelle and Dan,

I think you should feel very proud with the success of the conference, it was well organised and well run. My only problem was timekeeping which seemed to be adversely affected by getting delegates to return from the breaks on time - always a difficult job, like herding cats!

The venue, quality of food and the atmosphere at the meal on Tuesday night was especially good.

Thanks for a good conference.

Best regards,

Head of New Systems
Head of CCS & ENE
Principal CCS Engineer

Hi Isabelle et Dan

Thank you for all your efforts. The conference was a great success, well done to you.

kind regards

Michael Watkins

Dear Isabelle and Dan,

Thank you very much for allowing me to participate in the GSM-R Conference. It was definitely one of the most interesting events that I took part in. The presentations contained a lot of information, but they were also very inspiring. All in all, the conference gave a good grasp of the current situation of railway communication and the challenges.

Thank you again and I hope to meet you again at one of the future events.

Kind regards,

Aleksander Sniady
PhD Student
Networks Technology and Service Platforms
DTU Fotonik

Thank You so much for interesting time I spent on Conference in Paris. It was great occasion to learn much about GSM-R details for me.
I’m really impressed !


Piotr Staniek, EMT, Bombardier, Katowice