10-11 September 2013, PARIS, UIC HQ



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The International Union of Railways (UIC) in cooperation with the GSM-R Industry Group (IG) is organising the second UIC GSM-R World Conference in Paris UIC Headquarters, from 15 until 16 September 2015.
Following the extremely high interest shown at the first edition (Paris UIC, 10-11 Sept 2013), this year’s edition aims at enabling open, relevant and comprehensive exchange of information, in order to:

  • Inform on GSM-R present status, the technical challenges and evolution as well as on the strategy for the future;
  • Support the railways to enhance the operation of the system;
  • Promote an open debate among all stakeholders on GSM-R and the evolution toward Packet Switching (ETCS over GPRS);
  • Provide a clear vision on achievement and development trends.

In particular the conference will address topics such as:

  • Status of GSM-R (implementation, operation and lessons learnt);
  • GSM-R support to existing and new applications;
  • Security versus Availability challenges and solutions;
  • System management & performance monitoring ;
  • Solutions for handling Interferences to GSM-R;
  • Migration to IP, Packet Switching support for ETCS, resource optimization;
  • Preparing towards the Future Railways Mobile Communication System (FRMCS).

The event is preparatory and complementary to the ERTMS CCRCC conference organized by ERA in the following week (Lille, 22-23 September 2015), as well as to UIC ERTMS World Confer-ence that will be held on 29 February – 02 March 2016 in Brussels, jointly organized with Infrabel.

The UIC is pleased to invite your representatives to attend the conference. A reduced fee is offered to UIC members.

Looking forward to your participation at this stimulating conference,
Yours faithfully,
UIC Director General